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Cannabis Canadiana: Mapping marijuana legalization across Canada

Cannabis Canadiana: The intriguing, misunderstood history of cannabis in Canada

From the first hemp crop to the dark history of prohibition, from medicine to music, and from agriculture to counterculture – Canada’s most interesting plant has a tale to tell.

Use this map to explore watershed moments in Canadian history, regional insights into legalization, and stories of cultural icons who showed the world that cannabis is more than just a plant. View the entire map in detail, and read on to find out more about each region.

Across Canada

By region

Cannabis Map of Canada - British Columbia

British Columbia 


Cannabis Map of Canada - Alberta



Cannabis Map of Canada - Saskatchewan



Cannabis Map of Canada - Manitoba


  • 1923: Hemp demand is waning, but the Canadian government continues to incentivize domestic production. The government-financed Manitoba Cordage Company becomes Canada’s seventh hemp mill.


Cannabis Map of Canada - Ontario



Cannabis Map of Canada - Quebec



Atlantic Canada


Cannabis Map of Canada - The Territories

The Territories 

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